Baptist Heritage in Atlantic Canada Series

Since 1979, Acadia Divinity College and the Baptist Historical Committee of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada have published a series of books that look at the history of Baptists in Atlantic Canada. To date, there are 20 volumes in print, including:

  1. The Diary and Related Writings of the Reverend Joseph Dimock (1768-1846), edited by George E. Levy (1979)
  2. Repent and Believe: The Baptist Experience in Maritime Canada, edited by Barry M. Moody (1980)
  3. The Journal of the Reverend John Payzant (1749-1834), edited by Brian C. Cuthbertson (1981)
  4. The Life and Journal of the Rev. Mr. Henry Alline, edited by James Beverley and Barry M. Moody (1982)
  5. The New Light Letters and Spiritual Songs, edited by George A. Rawlyk (1983)
  6. The Newlight Baptist Journals of James Manning and James Innis, edited by D. G. Bell (1984)
  7. The Sermons of Henry Alline, edited by George A. Rawlyk (1986)
  8. An Abiding Conviction: Maritime Baptists and Their World, edited by Robert S. Wilson (1988)
  9. Memoir of Mrs. Eliza Ann Chipman, Wife of the Rev. William Chipman of Pleasant Valley, Cornwallis, edited by Allen B. Robretson and Carolene E. B. Robertson (1989)
  10. Baptists in Canada, 1760-1990: A Bibliography of Selected Printed Resources in English, by Philip G. A. Griffin-Allwood, George A. Rawlyk, and Jarold K. Zeman (1989)
  11. “Through Him who Strengthens Me”: Selected Shorter Writings and Sermons of Stuart Eldon Murray, edited by James S. Murray (1989)
  12. Open Doors: Canadian Baptists 1950-1990–Popular Addresses and Articles by Jarold K. Zeman, by Jarold K. Zeman (1992)
  13. To be a Pilgrim: A Biography of Silas Tertius Rand: Nineteenth century Protestant Missionary to the Micmac, by Dorothy May Lovesey (1992)
  14. From Slavery to Freedom: The Life of David George, Pioneer Black Baptist Minister, by Grant Gordon (1992)
  15. A Fragile Stability: Definition and Redefinition of Maritime Baptist Identity, edited by David T. Priestley (1994)
  16. Biographical Directory of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Free Baptist Ministers and Preachers, by Frederick C. Burnett (1996)
  17. Revivals, Baptists, and George Rawlyk: A Memorial Volume, edited by Daniel C. Goodwin (2000)
  18. Roots and Resurgence: Atlantic Baptist Youth Ministry at the Turn of the Millennium, edited by Bruce G. Fawcett and Dale O. Stairs (2013)
  19. Atlantic Baptists and Their World: A Festschrift in Honour of Dr. Robert S. Wilson, edited by Taylor Murray and Gordon L. Heath (2020)
  20. The Canadian Journal of Ziba Pope, edited by D. G. Bell (2022)

Many of the books in the series are available for purchase here.