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9 November 2018

On 4 August 1914, Great Britain declared war on Germany, committing its far-flung, global domains to a war of the most tragic proportions yet experienced by humankind…

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22 October 2018

This is a call for papers for the upcoming annual meeting of the Canadian Baptist Historical Society (CBHS). …

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2 October 2018

From our friends from across the Atlantic:

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15 August 2018

Nestled in the sea-side town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick is perhaps one of the most interesting churches in Atlantic Canada.

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5 July 2018

Here is an update from our friends across the Atlantic: Dear Friend of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, …

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3 July 2018

We would like to offer a special note of congratulations to Chris Crocker, who, after four years of study, successfully defended his PhD thesis at Bristol Baptist College (the world’s oldest …

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1 June 2018

This summer (June 23 to 29) marks the 90th anniversary of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) congress that was held at Exhibition Park in Toronto, Canada.

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Retirement Dinner for Dr. Robert S. Wilson 

16 May 2018

On 2 May 2018, hundreds of people filled the Sheldon L. Fountain Commons at Acadia University to celebrate the career of an extraordinary Canadian Baptist: Dr. Robert S. Wilson …

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The Crown: Baptists and the Coronation of Elizabeth II

10 May 2018

Viewers of the Netflix series The Crown are familiar with the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, especially the tradition and pageantry surrounding her coronation in …

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NEWS | Annual General Meeting, 2018

30 April 2018

On 28 April 2018, the Canadian Baptist Historical Society held its annual meeting at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario.

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“Our Holy and Our Beautiful House”: Jarvis Street Baptist Church

5 March 2018

In March 2017, I visited the archives at Jarvis Street Baptist Church (JSBC) in downtown Toronto. While I was there I snapped a few photographs of the sanctuary.

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