NEWS | Congratulations, Dr. Chris Crocker!

We would like to offer a special note of congratulations to Chris Crocker, who, after four years of study, successfully defended his PhD thesis at Bristol Baptist College (the world’s oldest Baptist college) on June 7.

Originally from Ontario, he is one of the members of the CBHS and in the past has presented a paper at our annual meeting.

His thesis is titled: “The Life and Legacy of John Ryland Jr. (1753-1825) – a man of considerable usefulness – an historical biography.” Ryland was a leading Baptist during the Evangelical Revival and was useful in helping Baptists regain spiritual vitality after years of stagnation. Concurrent to his studies Chris served at Cromhall Chapel, South Gloucestershire, UK. He and his wife, Rebekah, have just had their first child, a son. They continue to pray Psalm 143:8b for their future.

Join us in congratulating Chris!

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