Workers, Shirkers, and Jerkers in the Black Baptist Church

By Gordon L. Heath

“Workers, Shirkers, and Jerkers” – a witty outline delivered in a Sunday morning sermon during the annual meeting of the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS, 7-10 September 1918.I was looking for commentary on the war effort, but this creative and witty outline captured my attention.

The association met for four days and preaching played a vital part of the education and inspiration for those in attendance. The Sunday morning had two services at Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church (now New Horizons), and the sermon preached by the Rev. L. E. Ackland, acting pastor of Cornwallis, was the one with the “Workers, Shirkers, and Jerkers” comment.

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Gordon L. Heath, PhD, is Professor of Christian History, holds the Centenary Chair in World Christianity, and is Director of the Canadian Baptist Archives, all at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, ON. He is also Secretary of the CBHS.

**The views of this Blog represent those of the author, and not necessarily the CBHS.**

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